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These are the WINNING BIDS as of November 30, 2020 at 6:00 PM for the 2020 Thanksgiving Auction...

1English Muffin Bread (Certificate)$100.00100
2English Muffin Bread (Certificate)$30.00123
3Miniature Handwoven Tapestry$30.0054
4Handwoven Alpaca Rug$125.0049
5Personal Shopping Assistant (Certificate)$2.00100
6Knitted Table Runner (Certificate)$10.008
74 Soup Mugs$70.0014
84 Soup Mugs$75.008
916 x 20 Framed Photo - Harvest$25.0044
1016 x 20 Framed Photo - Winter Sun$140.0014
1116 x 20 Framed Photo - Ride$20.0041
12Framed Photos of Flowers$20.0015
14Dockers Men's Slippers - Size 11-12 (New)$12.00123
15Rotorazer Saw Platinum (New) (Certificate)$100.00155
16One pint of raw honey$25.0015
171 Dozen Monster Cookies$10.008
181 Dozen Monster Cookies$8.0045
191 Dozen Monster Cookies$7.0075
201 Dozen Monster Cookies$18.00NON-MEMBER
211 Dozen Monster Cookies$8.0023
221 Dozen Monster Cookies$9.0062
231 Dozen Monster Cookies$10.0044
241 Dozen Monster Cookies$22.0010
251 Dozen Monster Cookies$14.00155
261 Dozen Monster Cookies$20.00100
271 Dozen Monster Cookies$10.00111
281 Dozen Monster Cookies$10.0053
29Certificate is good for one
catered meal for an event with up to 30 people.
30Fruit Basket (Certificate)$120.006
316 Apple Dumplings$40.0053
32Sign - Yuletide$20.00155
33Sign - Autumn$22.0016
341 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$12.0012
351 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$14.00155
361 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$20.008
371 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$14.00138
381 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$11.0012
391 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$50.0014
401 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$80.0026
411 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$18.0014
421 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$10.0071
431 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$16.00123
441 Chainsaw or Mower Blade Sharpening$14.0053
45Peace Lily Plant$45.0071
46Peace Lily Plant$40.00155
472 Disney Pillow Cases$2.0097
48Blue and green afgan crocheted by Erline Salsburey Miller 56" x 42"$35.0016
49Handmade knotted Psalm 23 wall hanging 40 x 31$21.0012
50Double Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (Certificate)$20.0053
51The Best Lemon Loaf (Certificate)$40.0097
52Kettle and Cup$10.0075
53Winter Tray$12.5047
55Winter Plate$15.0071
56Birds Plate$15.0071
57Angel Food Cake by Larry Mast (Certificate)$30.0054
58Angel Food Cake by Larry Mast (Certificate)$40.0054
59Minion Hooded Bath Towel$4.0016
601 Batch of Caramels (Certificate)$100.00102
61Loaf of Braided Bread (Certificate)$100.00102
62Loaf of Braided Bread (Certificate)$30.0053
63Fire Truck Rocker$70.0071
64Succulent Plant (Certificate)$16.0053
65Aloe Plant (Certificate)$16.00100
66Blue Jean Comforter 60" x 83" by WIM$70.00138
67Crocheted Afghan 48" x 70" by Jeananne Augsburger$75.00100
68Chocolate Pie (Certificate)$100.00102
69SYF Labor Project (Certificate)$100.0054