Grow Out

Grow Out, the second branch of our vision
here at Salem, involves our Sunday School
education program. Below are our Summer options of classes:

Teacher: Darrell Ediger

This class will meet in the classroom off the gallery.  (The one by the mailboxes.)  This will be a young adult/intergenerational class.  The class encourages directed discussion on the week's sermon.

Teacher: Jen Himes

This class meets in the meeting room by the stairs off the gallery.  (The one with the table and chairs.)  This class encourages directed discussion of the week's readings.  (Studying "Finding Jesus in the Old Testament")

Teacher: Erin Yoh

This class meets in the old fellowship hall on the west end.  The class style is an intergenerational small group atmosphere where topics of discussion are chosen by the group.

Teacher: John Leunk

This class meets in the new fellowship hall in the far right corner.  John brings out the history and meaning of each week's readings.  
(Studying "Finding Jesus in the Old Testament")